Fixer in Dubai | Dubai Film Permits | Dubai Locations

Dubai is a popular filming destination, offering a diverse range of locations from stunning desert landscapes to ultra-modern skyscrapers. However, filming in Dubai can be complex, with a number of permits and regulations that need to be followed. This is where a film fixer service can be invaluable.

A film fixer service can help with all aspects of filming in Dubai, from location scouting and permitting to securing crew visas and arranging transportation. They can also provide invaluable local knowledge and expertise, helping you to avoid any potential pitfalls.

Here is a more detailed look at some of the services that hexadecimal film can provide in Dubai:

  • Location management: We can help you to find the perfect locations for your shoot, taking into account your budget and creative requirements. They can also help to negotiate permission to film on private property and obtain any necessary permits from the Dubai Film Commission.

  • International crew visas: We can help you to secure international crew visas for your cast and crew. This can be a complex process, but a film fixer service can help to ensure that all of the necessary paperwork is completed correctly and that your visas are processed on time.

  • Film permits: We can help you to obtain the necessary film permits from the Dubai Film Commission. This includes permits to film in public places, to use drones, and to bring certain types of equipment into the country.

In addition to these core services, We can also provide a range of other support, such as:

  • Transportation: A film fixer service can arrange transportation for your cast and crew, including airport transfers, location transfers, and vehicles for your production team.

  • Accommodation: A film fixer service can book accommodation for your cast and crew at discounted rates.

  • Catering: A film fixer service can arrange catering for your cast and crew, both on and off set.

  • Equipment rental: A film fixer service can help you to rent equipment from local suppliers.

  • Translation services: A film fixer service can provide translation services to help you communicate with local crew and residents.

If you are planning to film in Dubai, it is highly recommended that you hire a film fixer service. Hexadecimal films can save you a lot of time and hassle, and help you to ensure that your shoot is a success.