Professional Fixer in Abudhabi
Top Production Support

Picturesque Deserts and Sand dunes, a stable economical and political environment . All these elements make filming in Abudhabi a very appealing option for filmmakers. Though a bit more costly than other Middle Eastern cities, the land of oil is also welcoming. A 30% rebate can be rather motivating for larger-scale co-productions.

If you plan to shoot your next video production here, rely on Hexadecimal Films for top support. We know the shortest ways around, to get you to the top of the mountains and the box office. From film permit to translation, our portfolio covers a wide array of services. Explore the most scenic routes, guided by our dedicated location scout manager.

And if you wish to follow a lead on a story, let us put you in contact with the right people. Trust us to be your Location fixer and we will make sure you get access to the most reliable local sources.

Gear for rent, crew for hire, formalities, you name it, we do it. Our experience speaks for itself and places us among the top providers of support. We strive to ensure you have all the filming resources you need, from day one.

Make the most of this unique blend of modern infrastructure and dedicated professionals. Plus, with the country’s modern infrastructure, you get all the supplies you want in a short matter of time. Hexadecimal films  is a one-stop-shop highly valued by foreign producers. Contact us to get you all set up for filming in the emirate of Abudhabi.